How to draw creeper face for beginner in minecraft step by step easy video tutorial

Now we are going to show our viewers how to draw a creeper face in our step by step and very easy video tutorial. As mentioned in all previous tutorials, this is made keeping in mind the mental capability of kids and most importantly the beginners.If you are a big mine craft fan like me and you are really good at building everything up in a free world of minecraft, then you are a special person to find this website to draw such a treaty but a creepy character found in this splendid and mind-blowing video game. Minecraft is leading the mobile app and game industry for its innovative yet juicy idea of this free world concept of drawing, building, displacing and rebuilding everything but these things would not have come to reality if there wasn’t any creeper in it. Yeah we are talking about our great villain who surely gives much of the tough time to our player but its appearance and way of looks is really creative and all the credit goes to its designer for creating such a simple and attracting character.

Here is previous tutorial :

Drawing of abstract flower on paper

How to draw creeper face for beginner in minecraft:

They usually show up at night in a very quiet and simple manner and ambush the playing with its amazing and unique hissing sound and here it goes, your game is over. It causes a huge damage both to the player and the game play in which the player is housing.

This video tutorial will surely boggle your mind but after watching this video twice at least, you will be able to get the idea and then you may draw up all at your own just like you did in minecraft’s creeper.

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