Best Drawing Tablets For Artists Review 2017 – Buyer Guide

New tablets are being launched every day in the market. Artists become confuse which one to choose. Especially the ones who are beginner have no idea about best drawing tablet for artists.

Each and every drawing tablet have its own features like screen resolution, shape, brand and user friendliness. So this become little tricky to decide which one will be best for beginners and for pro artists. There are many more factors which will be discussed in the section of every tablet review. So that beginners may have best idea, which one to use.

Drawing Tablets can be used by artists for

  • Drawing
  • Paints
  • Writing
  • Uploading

and sharing your digital art with ease

Some tablets are especially designed for beginners, so that they can have a easy grip on sketching. While some of them are meant for professional work with additional features and capabilities available. Besides, some of them are best known in the market for the use of children.

Another feature you may want to look for is the operating system of the tablets. Some famous OS in the market are mac and android. You can see review for both of them then it will be easy for you to decide which one is best for you, either it is mac drawing tablet or android drawing tablet, it must have all the features that an artist needed. Later on you will become used to the operating system you are buying.

Price is another factor to look into, while I will be listing some affordable drawing tablets. These are some kind of under budget drawing tablets in 2017 that you can use with ease. While, there are some brands in the market which are charging more money, with the same features. That’s why it is must for you to have a thorough knowledge of these things before you finally decide to buy a tablet.

Best Drawing Tablets For artists : List of Top 10 Tablets 2017


  • Brand: ​Wacom

According to amazon, the bestselling drawing tablet for artists is the WACOM INTOUS DRAW. Wacom has a brand history and name in drawing tablet market, with more than thousand excellent reviews. It is one of the best for the use of beginner level artists. While pro artists will have a pro grip on it. It is compatible with all operating systems and you can use the applications of your choice in it. Adobe Photoshop can also be installed and used easily.

Best Drawing Tablet


Wacom brand gives a lot of additional things with tablet that can help you. Like, ArtRage software, and many tutorials from which you can learn a lot of things in making your drawing skills better.

Drawing pen, which comes along with the packing is also easy to grip, and battery free. So that’s the good feature of tablet that most of the pro artists look into. While it is a pressure sensitive pen, which allows you to draw a thick line with a slight pressure. While for thin line just lose some pressure and see.

It can be easily connected with the computer. Just replace it with your mouse and draw whatever you want on the screen of computer with the help of tablet. It is compatible with android and mac operating system as well.

Several drawing keys can be set as favorite. So that these should be not so far from your finger tip. Mostly, artists want to have copy/paste and eraser keys as favorite keys. While you can customize favorite of your own.



  • Handy for beginners and pro.
  • Battery free pressure sensitive pen.
  • Affordable.
  • Compatible with windows and mac.
  • Compatible with all drawing apps like Photoshop, Illustrator etc.
  • None yet, will update soon if found any.


  • Brand: Huion

Another good drawing tablet brand is HUION, which comes with its H610 pro drawing tablet model. Its super pressure sensitive. Pro artists love the feature. The more experience you have in the feature, the more awesome things you will draw.

This is second in our recommendation list due to its affordable price and good buyer reviews.​

best drawing tablet reviews

HUION H610 PRO Drawing Tablet

Its drawing pen is pretty good, which is rechargeable. You don’t have to replace the battery after 3 to 4 hours, all you have to do is to keep up its charge and draw your things. Its pressure

It has 16 customizable hot cells, and 8 express keys. While you can setup some hot keys as well. You can set the location of keys, while it was a headache for some left handed artists. While it is easy for both right and left hand guys.

It can easily be connected with windows and mac operating systems. This is a versatile drawing tablet that is good for beginner and pro artists as well. After giving it some time, you become hang of it.

It is compatible with all soft wares and apps that an artists will demand. Including Adobe PhotoShop, illustrator, Autodesk sketch etc.

Huion gives its customer 1 year of guarenttee. So one can use it without any danger of technical or other issues.



  • Affordable.
  • Rechargeable pen.
  • 10 x 6.5 inches display, large enough.
  • Compatible with windows and mac as well.
  • Compatible with drawing softwares and apps.
  • Super extreme pressure sensitivity.
  • Handy for right / lefty as well.
  • Drivers are little bit difficult to install.


  • Brand: Wacom

Actually, we listed it at number 3 spot due to its price. Otherwise its best of best to invest on. This is modern digital drawing tablet that is somewhat realtime. Drawing on the device is just as like on paper. It has a large display with wonderful interactive display.

drawing tablets 2017

WACOM CINTIQ 13HD Drawing Tablet

Its pen come with 2048 level of pressure sensitivity. Adding to it, it is also tilt sensitive. Tilting sensitivity makes the drawing as you can draw it with traditional brush.

It has a three position stand, so make its position in which you are comfortable.

Regardless of large display, it’s a light weight drawing table, can easily be hold in hands when you want to draw some thing.

Same like the above recommended tablets, it can also be connected with pc and mac as well. And you can set your favorite or hot keys as you like.

Though a little bit expensive, yet an artist will love to invest on it. This is the reason that it got more than 700 positive and excellent reviews. If you are planning long term drawing skills, than this will be better option for you.



  • Large premium 13.3 inches interactive display.
  • Recommended for pro artists.
  • Easily customize keys.
  • Pen is pressure and tilt sensitive as well.
  • Comfortable and light weight, also comes with 3 position stand.
  • Price is a bit high.


  • The Panda City

If you are wandering that above listed Wacom drawing  tablet should be available in reasonable price. Then it would not happen. But we brought here the best alternative for you from another brand of best drawing tablets for artists. 

best drawing tablets for beginners

YIYNOVA MVP22U Drawing Tablet

This is The Panda City tablet YIYNOVA model MVP22U, compare it feature with the Wacom and see of you can have it, in lower price as compared to that one.​

This one comes with large display and comfortable in use. Pressure sensitivity of drawing pen is 2048, that is the good one for all drawing artists. While tilt is also sensitive up to 45 degree. That’s good enough to give you a brush like experience.

The Panda city gives 2 year of warranty that is a good time to see for any technical fault in it.

This has a 22 inches large display that is comparable to Wacom tablet, with aspect ratio of 16:9.

So this will be better option for pro artists to try this out.

Its keys are pretty customizable, as default some keys are assigned, see if you can use it otherwise change them to your own hot keys.

It is compatible with both demanded OS that is windows and mac as well.



  • Affordable.
  • Large 22” display.
  • Pen pressure sensitivity and tilt sensitivity.
  • Compatible with mac and windows as well.
  • Sometime not available in the stores.
  • Not well known in market due to less availability. 


  • Brand: Apple

Apple ipad was the one of the first drawing tablet released into the market for artists. Now technology has evolved to have some additional features. While users also want something new to look for.​

best itablet for drawing


Now the pro version of Apple Ipad is 2 in 1 kind of package. It is like laptop and tablet both at time. The artists who are after brands, can have this as a best option for drawing purpose. Its sleek design, inter-conversion into table and laptop is like a charm. So you can use to experience drawing on both.

Apple always comes with some unique and advance features in it devices. This device comes with retina display and ATX chip. A lot of drawing apps are available in apple stores, try different of them and see which one suits you better. It comes with IOS 9. This display is round about 13 “ retina technology, having high resolution of 2732 x 2048.

Other than that, it has camera, Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, storage memory, wifi compatibility, speakers.

Camera is 8 MP, storage is 128 GB, and speakers are four in numbers that are in built, battery have a 10 hour active backup.

While you can buy a separate apple smart keyboard for the device, this will give some extra features to add into your tablet that is not just limited to drawing.



  • Retina display. High resolution 13 “display.
  • 8 MP Camera, 128 GB storage, 4 in built audio speakers.
  • 2 in 1, can be oriented as laptop.
  • Only MAC OS 


  • Brand: Microsoft

Microsoft launched its recent tablet into the market with large display and ultra-resolution. Big RAM, huge processing speed, and high in built graphics card, all into one device that is good for artists too.​

The Microsoft launched the 2 in 1 tablet/laptop. This is the best option if you are looking for some kind of best drawing laptop.​

best windows drawing tablet


It comes with pre installed windows 10, 13.5 inches large display, ultra resolution of 3000 into 2000. Processer if i5 of 2.4 Ghz, while the RAM is 8 GB. These features are well enough for fast speedy drawings.

It has a long lasting battery that is rechargeable. 9 hour is the average active backup.

Though, light weight tablet is a bit highly priced, yet the brand covers so much features in it that suits best for an artist to draw some sketches.



  • High speed, good graphics and resolution.
  • 2 in 1 i.e laptop and tablet as well.
  • Light weight, 7.7 pound shiiping wight. Actual device weight is even lesser.
  • Only Windows OS.


  • Brand: Samsung​

Samsung also launched a tablet to compete with Apple and Microsoft. The Tab A tablet has a price level lower than the Apple Ipade pro, while it has a lot features that makes it a better option for those who seeks for android drawing tablets.​

best drawing samsung tablet


It also comes with Wacom digitizer, which makes it even better for artist person. Besides, large display and fast speed are the features that further attracts the drawing users. You can access to google play store and can install much more apps as compare to Iphone app store.

It is not limited to just for drawings as like Wacom’s one. You can play games, capture pics with 5 MP cam, watch videos and can enjoy all features that a normal tablet should have, like browsing and all that.

Screen size is 8 inches that is better to have grip in hands while drawing. Screen resolution is high enough to have a better look of your drawings.

It has a process of 1.2 Ghz while RAM is pretty better, that is 1.5 GB DDR3.

As it is a Samsung tablet, so it comes with android operating system of version 4.4.



  • Many functionalities like Wifi, bluetooth, games etc.
  • Comes with Wacom digitizer, 9 inches S pen, large display, good resolution.
  • Only Android OS.

8- Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 2

  • Brand: Lenovo​

Thinkpad Yoga series was popular among the artists, while its 2nd of the series was among the good selling tablet. Now adding some new features of advance technology new versions for Lenovo were released.​

best for drawing 2017

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 2

Lenovo solves another problem of some of the artists. Actually it is the laptop which have detachable keyboard. So that you can use it as like a table while drawing. It ships with Wacom pen, that you can use to sketch and draw things of your choice. It can hinge to 260 degree, so while using it as laptop for your drawing you can rotate it in whichever direction you want it to.

It comes with the screen size of about 8 inches and is light weighted ( 14 ounces). It has a storage of 16 GB, have a 1 MP rear camera.

It is compatible with android operating system, and comes with android 4.1 OS. The battery backup us excellent as compare to other tablets of the competition.



  • Multi-touch screen, 8 inches display and light weight.
  • Battery backup of 18 hours.
  • 16 GB storage, have cam of 1 MP.
  • 2 in 1, laptop and table.
  • Can Install all drawing softwares like Adobe Photoshop etc.
  • Comes with Wacom Pen.
  • Only android OS.

9- Microsoft Surface Pro 4

  • Brand: Microsoft

Though, it has a high price, but Microsoft provides a lot of functionalities and features in it. Pro 4 is the latest model of the Microsoft that is laptop which comes with a pen that’s makes it good for pro artists.​

Microsoft best dewing device for artists

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

It has a high speed due to i5 core processor and 8 GB of RAM. Storage is 250 GB that is enough for a drawing artists and students.

It is available with different processor and RAMs and Hard drive. You can pick the one having suitable specs that you need. This is also good when you compare their respective price tags with different specs.

It has 12.3 inches of display screen size, while having resolution of 2736x1824 makes it best for artists. You can also use it to capture some kind of pics with 8 MP rear cam.

It has 1000 plus positive reviews which reflects that users are very much satisfied with the Microsoft surface pro 4, and its cost worth it.



  • Multi directional stand, helps for better grip.
  • Awesome Speed, i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD.
  • PRO Pen, for use of drawing.
  • 12 inches display, 2736 x 1824 pixel resolution.
  • Latest Microsoft Surface pro series device.
  • High Cost

10- ​Ugee 1910B

  • Brand: UGEE​

Another interactive tablet that landed in our recommendation list for artists is the UGEE model 1910B. It has a bit large display, 19 inches. It has TFT panel, while resolution is 1400 x 900.​

It also supports the second monitor, and your drawing will also be displayed there.​

top drawing tablet

Ugee 1910B For Drawing

 Its pen is battery free and have pressure sensitivity of 2048 pressure level. Pressure sensitivity is what most of the beginner artists neglect, while it plays an important role in choosing the best tablet for drawing purpose.

With large display, you must be needed a stand. It comes with a stand so you can grip it with different angles.

As far as compatibility is concerned, it is compatible with both demanded OS, that is windows and mac as well. While you can install the drawing application of your choice using any of the installed OS. It is ready to be used for Work with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop CC, SAI, Illustrator, 3D Max, Autodesk Sketchbook,Corel Painter,Autodesk MAYA, Pixologic, ZBrush and other applications that you might need for sketching purposes.

The item I shipped with a drawing glove, 2 additional drawing pen, these will be rechargeable. You will also find the screen protector in the package.



  • Large display of 19 inches, high resolution, with TFT panel.
  • Battery free pressure sensitive pen. Two additional pens are also included.
  • Stable stand, to avoid unnecessary movements of tablet.
  • Compatible with mac and windows.
  • Compatible with all drawing applications of windows and mac.
  • Drawing gloves also included with device.
  • Supports second monitor. 
  • Affordable
  • Not yet, will update; if found any