How to Play Darts Game

Playing darts is a great way to have a good time with friends or strangers. Dart throwing is a game of skill that can be played by anyone at any time, whether for fun or to win. Learn more about the target configuration, the technique of throwing darts and the different ways of playing.

Understanding the target and the point system

Know that all targets are the same. Each target is numbered from 1 to 20 out of order around the target. When you play darts, you throw one of the darts at the target and count your points as you go.

Note that the target is divided into different sections. Each section is associated with a number of points. If the dart lands in the outer red or green sections, the score obtained by the thrower is doubled.

  • For example, if you throw a dart in the outer red section of 18, you get 36 points.

Know what happens if the dart lands in an inner red or green section. If a dart lands in these sections, the points received by the launcher are tripled.

  • If you touch the inner red section of 18 for example, you receive 54 points.

Understand that the center of the target is called the bull’s eye. The bull’s eye is further divided into two sections. The inner section (usually red) called the “double center” and the outer section (usually green) called the “single centre”.

  • If the dart lands in the green part of the bull’s eye, the launcher receives 25 points.
  • If the dart lands in the red part of the bull’s eye, the launcher receives 50 points.

Note that the rest of the target is divided into 20 separate sections, each with a number of points. If the dart lands in the yellow or black section, the pitcher receives that number of points.

  • Suppose you throw a dart in these areas of 18. So you would receive 18 points.

Throw the Dart

Adopt a stable position. Leaning forward or backward can be tempting, but it will cause you to lose stability.

  • For right-handers, you must put your right foot in front of your left foot. Most of your weight should rest on your right foot, although you should not lean forward too much.
  • For left-handers, put your left foot in front of your right foot. Most of your weight should rest on your left foot, although you should not lean forward too much.

Keep both feet firmly on the floor. You must indeed be in balance during the whole throw. Otherwise, you may be sending the dart in the wrong direction.

Adopt the right touch of the dart. Put the dart in the palm of your right hand and roll it over your fingers until you find its center of gravity. Put your thumb slightly behind the center of gravity while placing at least two but at best four fingers on the dart. Do what makes you most comfortable.

Slightly point the tip of the dart up and move it back and forth as straight and evenly as possible. Any unnecessary movement during this phase will prevent the dart from flying straight.

Launch the dart straight in front of you with as much fluidity as possible. Do not throw too hard: it is both unnecessary and dangerous.

  • Darts do not require a great deal of force to hit the target. Remember that the object of the game is not to be the strongest, but to score the most points.

Play “01”

Note that the most common way to play darts is according to the rules of “01”. The goal of the game is simple. Each player must reduce their score to zero.

  • Where does the name “01” come from? “01” is a reference to the fact that each player starts the game with a score that ends in “01”. A simple game without teams usually starts at 301 or 501 points. In larger games with teams, the starting score can be up to 1001.

Determine the launch pad. The launch pad is the line behind which the players must stand when throwing. It must be 235 cm from the target.

Throw a dart each to find out who is starting. The person who rolls closest to the center rolls first.

Each player throws three darts, then passes their turn. The number of points obtained by the player is then subtracted from his starting score.

  • For example, if a player starts with 301 points and then scores 54 points, their new total will be 247 points.

When players start to approach 0 points, everyone should be careful to only touch the necessary sections. Victory depends on it. To win, you must indeed finish at exactly zero. In addition, the score that brings you down to zero points must be double.

  • For example, if a player has 2 points left, he must score a double 1. If he has 18 points left, the player must score a double 9.
  • If it is not possible to make a double, as in the case of 19 remaining points for example, the player can use a dart to hit the 3, thus lowering his score to 16 and then finishing the game in two 8 to get to 0.

Play “cricket”

For cricket, only the numbers 15-20 and the centre count. The object of the game is to hit the numbers 15-20 each three times, or to make a double on one of these numbers plus a single on the same number, or to make a triple, thus eliminating the number.

Set up a professional board to chalk near the target. In order, list the numbers from 15 to 20 so you can mark it when a player has hit it three times or has eliminated a number.

Note that when you eliminate a number that has not been eliminated by your opponent and you still mark this number, you receive the number of points indicated. For example, you eliminated the 16th, but your opponent did not. You throw a dart in the 16 and therefore get 16 points.

Know that the person who finishes with all his numbers eliminated and the greatest number of points wins the game. It’s not the one who finishes first who wins – it’s the one who finishes with the most points after eliminating all the numbers.

  • The outside bull’s eye is worth 25 points and the inside 50.

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