How to draw a dolphin cartoon easy step by step for beginners

This is the video tutorial about how you can draw easily and quickly cartoon like dolphin. The video tutorial is in step by step manner for better understanding of a beginner level learner. 

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how to draw a cartoon dolphin
Sketch of a cartoon dolphin

If you are a dolphin fan, this video is dedicated to you then. Dolphins are in fact, fnny creatures and they do not miss any moment to do funny kind of tricks in a zoo or in open waters to attract humans especially the kids in a zoo. They are harmless and peaceful aquatic species. For their full introduction, they belong to Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordate, Class Mammalia, Order Cetartiodactyla, and Clade Cetancodontamorpha, of Suborder Whippomorpha, and Infra order Cetaceans. You will be able to draw a dolphin cartoon in easy and step by step method. This video tutorial, as we repeat, is for beginners and kids.

How to draw a Cartoon Dolphin

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Talking about some facts, they are highly intelligent found all over the world mainly in continental shelves and shallow sea waters. They are carnivores and feed mainly on small fish and squids, and other marine animals. They have many traces of colors in different regions but mainly, they are poised of a grey color with dark brown and black linings. Like other special creatures such as bats, dolphins too use echolocation to traverse and chase, producing high-pitched sounds to objects, and eavesdropping for the reverberations. They are very friendly; sometimes rise vertically out of the water to view their surroundings and then going to waters. Many scientists believe that a fact that they ride along with many ships is that to preserve their drive by ships. They often show organization in open waters spy-hopping collectively giving great pleasure to a viewer.

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