How to draw a dinosaur easy step by step for beginners

This is an easy video tutorial for drawing of a dinosaur. This is beginner level sketching tutorial explained in step by step manner. All you’ve to do is to pick a pencil and paper and then start drawing of dinosaur.

how to draw a dinosaur
sketch of a dinosaur

Dinosaurs are nonexistent in this this world but we all knew some stories about them and honestly speaking, may be none of them is true. Those myths about those large creatures may be true but up to some extent because the myths are phenomenal when it comes to dinosaurs’ extinction or their living or size. You will draw a dinosaur in an easy step by step process as this video is made for beginners and kids together keeping in view their picking of knowledge about this art. If you like our ‘HOW TO DRAW’ segment, comment your favorite drawing or the thing you want us to draw for you in our upcoming tutorials.

How to draw a dinosaur steps

Their history dated back some 234 million years ago, and remained as dominant animals for 135 million years from the start of Jurassic till the end of Cretaceous. It is believed by most of the scientists and specialists that Cretaceous–Paleogene destruction event led to the elimination of most dinosaurs. But it is believed now after extensive research on fossils and remains of dinosaurs that their species may be present in the form of birds. There were more than 1000 distinct species of non – avian dinosaurs. Birds, along with dinosaurs are considered to be in clade dinosaurian.

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First fossils of dinosaurs were found in early 19th century. These dinosaurs are favorite among archaeologists due to their enormous size and fantastic body along with their pre-historic nature and those superficial tales associated with dinosaurs. Watch the video below so you could draw your own dino with your pencils for impressing your friends and siblings by your art.

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