how to draw peacock feather for beginners step by step easy video tutorial

Learn here about drawing a beautiful feather of a bird peacock. This video tutorial will teach you step by step process on how to draw it neatly. This easy video tutorial is targeted for beginners.

How to draw a peacock feather
Draw a feather like this

Watch this video before starting up for peacock feather

How to draw a feather:

This video will help you a lot in drawing a feather. This trainer picked a peacock for drawing purpose. By watching this ,you have come to know about how easy it is to draw a peacock feather.  

Lets have some introduction about feather.

Feathers are the external covering of the birds. These are soft enough and mostly have the function of warming up the body. It also helps in flight of the bird. People use its drawing in their rooms and halls for the sake of decoration. It looks so beautiful that people use to have them as decoration piece. Or some time may be their drawing piece of drawing feather.

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