How to draw a gorilla standing up easy step by step for beginners

This video tutorial is about gorilla sketching, which will teach you how you can draw it in standing up position in easy step by step manner for beginners. This sketching just needs a piece of paper and a sharpen pencil.

how to draw a gorilla standing up
Sketch of a standing gorilla

Gorillas are the scariest of the animals I have ever seen. Gorillas are one of the four species of the great apes closely resembled to humans, and have been a part of research regarding so-called evolution theory while the other three of the species are chimpanzees, bonobos and definitely orangutans. Generally, the gorillas are divided into four main categories termed as the eastern lowland gorilla, the western lowland gorilla, the mountain gorilla, and the cross river gorilla. They have those huge arms bigger than their legs enabling them to walk on their four limbs as well as on hind limbs when needed, that drive is called knuckle walking. The males have their own separate name; the fully-grown males are well-known as ‘silverbacks’ due to the unique silver-colored tresses on their vertebral column. We will enable you how to draw a gorilla standing up in an easy and step by step unique process in this video tutorial.

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How to draw a gorilla standing up steps

Gorillas eat everything that is greenish in nature including stems, vines, leaves, roots and fruits. The Eastern lowland gorillas have swiftly weakened in figures to 5,000 at the moment. Unfavorably vanishing species, there are less than 300 Cross River gorillas with the numbers decreasing. Mountain gorillas have reduced to about 700. They are found mostly in central African states of Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Congo, Gabon, Angola and Guiana. Cross River gorillas are limited to a tiny space in some parts of Nigeria and Cameroon.

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They are raised by their parents and they must leave their parents to be on their own after reaching adulthood. They are solitary in nature. They mostly leave their families to start a new life after 3 years of their birth.

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