How to draw a feather easy step by step for beginners

Lets pick a paper and start drawing on it with pencil according to the video in which you are described how to draw a feather in step by step for beginners. This is an easy tutorial that is pretty much easy to follow.

how to draw a feather
Sketch of a feather

In this popular drawing tutorial made by many artists and taught in every professional drawing class by every teacher, we are going to draw a feather in a step by step video tutorial with an easy pencil technique for beginners and kids. Drawing a soft, light feather is one of the basic drawings for professionals, but at the level of beginners, it’s just a wish for every amateur or rookie to draw it perfectly. You are lucky to find us, because we will be drawing a feather today in a most simple and sophisticated manner.

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How to draw a feather steps:

What we are going to do is to let you watch this video tutorial carefully for two to three times at least and then start making rough sketches by light strokes of your pencil. After practicing it for few times, if you believe you are ready to go, then go for it, otherwise keep practicing and we assure you that you will draw it perfectly like this sketch drawn by our illustrator in this example. Check out the film below and share your interpretations about this illustration.

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