How To Draw 3-D Optical illusions Step by step On Paper | Easy Method

I bet you have experience of optical illusion many times. Now you want to draw and make that yourself. You can do it, just follow the video step by step and then see magic in your hands drawing. You can learn to draw different types of illusions, just focus on your paper and let it be done. Most of the people are very much impressed by 3D illusion that is mistaken by their eyes. You can also try it.

drawing of an illusion
A drawing of 3D illusion

This tutorial is very and can be learned by kids and beginners of this art. Just do practice again and again. Watch the video and give us feedback.

How To Draw 3D Illusion:

I hope you have enjoyed that in 3-D and you now have come to know about how to draw an illusion.removed 1