Draw 3d cube illusion with shading easy step by step for beginners video

How to draw 3d cube illusion with shading side wise. This is easy video tutorial described step by step for beginners and kids artist of sketching.

A cube or cuboid is a three dimensional solid object with six sides or faces each meeting the other two at a vertex. A cube has 12 edges, 6 faces and 8 vertices. If you are a good geometry student, then you must have understood the whole theory explained above. We are going to draw a 3d cube illusion with delicate and soft pencil shading in an easy and step by step video tutorial.

how to draw 3d cube illusion
3d cube sketched

This video, as always is made especially for beginners, rookies and kids who are new to this art of drawing and sketching as we say in all our video tutorials.

How to draw 3d cube illusion

we have nothing much to say about history or introduction of a cube because a cube was drawn and used by the time immemorial by humans and by the advent of 3 dimensional technology in our lives, the importance of a cube is never under estimated. We will be drawing a cube first, giving it some special pencil affects afterwards and then finishing our little project by carefully sketching its shade on our page.
Watch the video below and be careful at the shading part of it as shading requires some special effort and some soft hands. you can add suggestions and as we say majority is authority, we will draw whatever most of the students will ask us to draw. Our team is waiting for your replies and feedback. Watch the tutorial below and keep sharing this video to keep this site free.
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