Tutorial – How to draw anime boy easy step by step for beginners

This is detailed tutorial on how you can give a try to draw an anime boy sketch. This video is in step by step manner for better understanding of beginners.

how to draw a anime boy easy step by step for beginners
Sketch of anime boy

we have covered a lot of course on drawing anime characters including anime characters, a warrior anime cat but there are many more things left in this course and a considerable amount of it is related to anime, a Japanese cartoon character. These anime became very famous especially after 90’s era in America and were used by Japanese artists for decades to draw these amazing kind of cartoons for kids from decades.

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how to draw a anime boy easy steps

Anime, as we said were originated from japan and were an abbreviation for ‘animation’ in English. A light tone of special colors are used to draw anime and many cartoon series even movies and video games are available and are hugely appreciated by kids and adults in many parts of the world. We will be drawing an anime boy, a classy looking image of a boy with his long, silky type of hair leaning to his forehead. But this boy is a Japanese boy, so his skin tones must be light and pinkish skin. We don’t have to give any consideration to the coloring of the image because we will be drawing the sketch with a pencil. We will use a light stroke pencil and be very careful in using pencil while drawing skin tones on this anime lad.

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