How to draw crowd of an event easy step by step for beginners Video tutorial

In this video tutorial you will learn quickly about how you can draw crowd easily with pencil. This is a step wise video tutorial for beginner level.  By watching the video and listening instructions in it, it will become easy for you to draw an amazing crowd of any event, stadium or any other etc.

 how to draw a crowd
A picture of Crowd, you can also draw like this

First of all you have to sketch the outline of crowd full of people, side by side others. Some are so sketched that they look behind. Now give them some pose, as some looking here and there random. Then differentiate some genders for some more attractiveness in your drawing. Make some comics, grave and other shapes.

Dont worry all these things are practically explained in the video tutorial. Just watch step by step and then portray a picture of your own.

How to draw a crowd:

This video tutorial is a quick review of drawing a crowed for any event or stadium. Just watch it and act like it.

After getting perfection in drawing normal crowd then here is an advance level video, watch it then see how you can draw with some perspective.

Drawing crowd of people with some perceptive:

Advance level

These two tutorial gonna must help you for your drawings. Just act step wise and it become very easy.removed 1