How to draw an alligator easy step by step for beginners video tutorial

In today’s posts you are going to learn about how easily you can draw an alligator or crocodile step by step. This is beginner level guide video that can easily be followed and learnt.

An alligator is crocodilian specie and is widely called as crocodile in most part of the world. The two living species are the American alligator and the Chinese alligator. Many of the extinct species were found in fossils.

how to draw easy alligator step wise
Drawing of an alligator

The name ‘alligator’ is derived from the Spanish word which means ‘lizard’ which was changed to alligator with the passage of time. An average alligator weighs about 360 kg and it has average length of 4.4 m or 14 ft as quoted from Wikipedia. Contrary to American alligator, Chinese are smaller and are less in weight as low as 45 kg.

How to draw an alligator easy :

Alligators are only found in America and China. They mostly inhabit in fresh water ponds, lakes, rivers, marshes and swamps. Southern Florida is the only place in world where alligators live side by side with crocodiles. As compared to American ones, the Chinese alligators are in severe danger and are believed to be few dozen left now. They have two type of walking styles called as ‘sprawling’ and ‘high walk’. Sprawling is done when alligators crawl touching their belly to the ground whereas high walk is done when they walk on their feet-like limbs and positioning their belly up from the ground. They also walk merely on their hind limbs but they only cover few meter while doing so.

Jaws are their main weapons for catching their prey having an exceptionally strong grip. You may have seen their show of power and grip on Discover Channel. Like humans, alligators can eat anything from fish to worms. Due to their surroundings, they usually hold an attack on animals and fishes. Due to these qualities, we may call alligator an apex predator. Watch the video below and draw this diagram on your own after watching this video a few times.

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