How to draw a giraffe step by step easy video tutorial for beginners

Today, we are going to show you how to draw a complete figure of a giraffe in a step by step method. keep your heads up and be ready to start following along. We will also be covering some tips and tricks of how to draw a sketch with a near perfection. Before going to video, we will be discussing some info about what we are going to discuss in this video about the tallest living animal on the planet.

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learn how to draw easy giraffe step wise for beginners
Wonderful pic of giraffe | try to draw like this

Here is video of this animal drawing.

How To draw giraffe:

Giraffe is another wonder of nature which kept humans under deep interest about this giant African specie. Giraffes are normally 5 meters long, tallest of all animals and are found in Greenland and savannah lands in African countries like Nigeria and Chad. These animals are going extinct due to brutal hunting and their living is in danger. They are, in fact funny animals. Their running style in the way they push their hind legs is really funny to many animal researchers. They run at the speed of 55 km/h and are considered good eaters consuming 45 kg of grass and leaves daily.

After watching this step by step video, you will now be able to draw a good blueprint of what was drawn above in the video, so watch this video again and try to draw your own sketch of giraffe without the help of this video tutorial. If you have drawn good enough drawing then you are super to go for another video tutorial. Scroll below or go to our homepage for other hundreds of video tutorials like this one and be ready to become a pencil drawing artist. Share this website with your friends and kids.removed 1