How to draw a cute realistic cat cartoon face step by step for kids easy way video

Previously I have shared a lot of drawings related to pets, including dog puppies etc. Now its turn for a realistic looking cat drawing. Cats are noble pet animal that are so cute to be sketched on paper. You cant control your self from loving cats.

In this video tutorial you will learn about how to draw a cat like a cartoon in step wise method. This step by step guide is for beginners and kids as well. Because it is explained in so amazing way that any one can give a try for drawing a cats face.

how to draw a cat
When you draw cat, it will look like this

Watch here easy video and start draw like that.

How to draw a cat:

Start with paper and pencil and do each step as per described in above tutorial. In case steps are so so fast then you can slow down the video for drawing cat.removed 1