How to Draw a Crab cartoon easy step by step for Beginners

How to draw a crab easy step by step foe beginners, this video tutorial will explain all about this. Pick a sharpened pencil and paper and start sketching it.

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how to draw cartoon crab easy
Sketch of a cartoon crab

Crabs are similar to shrimps and lobsters and are found anywhere in the world, in oceans, salty waters, fresh waters, rivers, anywhere water could be with a variety of species ranging from black to pink, they are found everywhere in any color and any shape a crab could be in. There are estimated 6500 known species of crabs in the world and these are divided into 93 different categories. There are crabs found in coral reefs, other ones in fresh water lakes and rivers, while one category is a sub-tropical in nature and inhibit in both conditions. You must know how to draw a crab cartoon in easy and step by step video tutorial made in particular for kids and beginners in drawing and sketching with pencil.

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How to draw Cartoon Crab steps

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Crabs have somewhat dwarf nature and they don’t exceed their maximum height of 40 cm in size, but the Japanese spider crabs have this distinction of having a leg span of over 4 meters long. The smallest type of crab ever found is the pea crab only developing to a few millimeters. A Crab has a thick protected shell protecting it from surprise attack. The crab also has two front armored claws which the crab uses to catch its prey. They generally quest by sitting in a dim shack and holding would-be prey that dips near. It allows crab to nourish excellently as well as staying hidden from those that would want to eat the crab out of it.

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After getting such useful information on a crab and also a good video tutorial, you must consider sharing this video with your friends or anyone beloved so that they also, be able to draw a red crab in their homes so that they can compete with you in a get-together for a huge blast of fun.

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