How to draw a cartoon wolf with wings step by step for beginners easy

Today’s learning about the how to draw a cartoon wolf with wings spread. This is beginners video tutorial in easy step by step manner. So pick copy pencil and start sketching a wolf on paper.

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How to draw amazing cartoonish wolf with wings for beginners
A wolf sketch having wings also

We will be drawing a cartoon wolf with wings in this ‘easy as a pie’ video tutorial. Make sure to watch every second in this step by step video tutorial because as a beginner, you can’t afford to lose a single step of this video tutorial, otherwise you will miss a huge part of this video tutorial, and ultimately return to naught after wasting your previous 10 minutes. A winged wolf is a myth associated with Germans, Russians and Hungarians. Some consider those humongous wings as bird like feathers, where others consider those wings as bat like wings.

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How to draw Wolf with wings steps

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A wolf with wings is basically an elongated Russian folktale involving many super-creatures including a winged wolf. Wolf Wing is the fourth and final book in The Claidi Papers sequence. It was circulated in 2002. We will be drawing an astonishing image of a wolf and then depicting its wings as a beautiful portrayal of a drawing within a drawing. There is nothing much to share about a winged wolf, and to study much about it, you must have to study the folktale if you are interested. Watch the video below, and comment on Facebook what you liked about this video and stay updated for another video tomorrow, and bookmark our site to watch day-to-day cool video tutorials.

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