How to draw 3D Hole Step By step on paper tutorial For beginners

In this video you will come to know about some easy tips to draw a hole in 3d dimension. This is an easy guide for beginner level that can be followed step by step and quickly. By following the video it will become easier for you to sketch a hole on paper that will look like a real one as in 3D. All you have to do is to pick up a pencil and paper and then start drawing it. Imagine about a hole and then guess how it should like after drawing, and then make it happen.

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how to draw a hole in 3d
You can draw in 3d like this hole

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Lets start watching the video and then act like this to portray a hole on your own piece of paper.

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If you dont liked this one then Here I am presenting you another tutorial for better experience in drawing. You will be happy to see different type of technique used for  hole drawing as seen in feature image above.

How To draw a 3D Hole:

Now After watching the video pick up your pencil and then make a beautiful hole with it.

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