How to draw realistic cheetah tiger step by step easy for beginners

Tiger is a wonderful animal, that i also called as cheetah in some regions of world. Leopard is also somewhat similar with tiger. It has got beautiful and amazing skin with peculiar spots on it. Its skin is very much popular for industrial and other purposes.

How to draw cheetah tiger
Draw a tiger cheetah like this

Today, you will be taught about how easily you can draw a cheetah in step wise manner. This video tutorial is very much effective for beginners to draw a realistic looking tiger with their pencil on the paper. One can easily get command in the art of drawing. All that is needed, is the hard work and practice. While there are some tips or you can say tricks, following which drawing of animals or any other things become much easier. Those tips and tricks are explained in video tutorials. Just follow them step by step and see how easy it is to draw every thing whether it is a tiger, cheetah or any other animal or flower.

How to draw cheetah Tiger

This video is all about drawing a tiger or cheetah.removed 1