How to Draw a Cheetah running easy step by step For Beginners

how to draw cheetah running

Grab a paper and pencil and watch video tutorial on how you can draw a cheetah running step by step for beginners guide. This is quite easy method so must give it a try. Cheetah, as we know is one of the fastest animals along with its beautiful skin color and gradient, is mostly loved all around the world and its cuteness is what make cheetah attractive.

how to draw cheetah running
Sketch of a running cheetah

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We will show you how to draw a beautiful cheetah running in some filed or a jungle whatever you may assume it to be in a very easy and step by step method. Note that this is a beginners tutorial and is most suitable for kids and adult learners or you may call ‘new in the field’ so its techniques, tricks and tips are also formulated keeping in view the capacity of beginner minds. Our artists have particularly made this tutorial keeping in mind the most simple and subtle way possible to a learner.

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How to draw running cheetah steps

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Cheetah may run as fast as 110 – 120 Km/h making them the fastest creatures on planet earth terrestrial or oceanic combined. They have this record of a reckless run, with a decent stamina. They are carnivores and usually hunt on deer and other small animals. They have their own class of catching their prey and no animal can match that class on how they set up a plot for a hunt and unlike lioness, work collectively and teamwork always pays off. They group up taunting their prey in a delicate and cunning way, separating it from its herd and then stamina wins the race. They do not win the game always; sometime a small café is intelligent enough to make his way out of cheetah’s wrath.

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how to draw a castle in steps for beginners

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how to draw a castle in steps for beginners
Castle sketch

If you have ever seen a castle, you must have studied about, or observed a moat around a castle. These moats were constructed around castles to protect states and armies from external attacks. If you are not familiar to moats, then here is a brief introduction for you. A moat is a ditch, small or large, a river, lake, or a dry hurdle around a castle, building, fort, or a town used solely for protection and security of a state or a town. History of moats dated back from Egyptian and Babylonian era, where the castles were used to be protected by spilling water around the corners of a fort. We will draw a castle with moat in a step by step and easy video tutorial specially prepared for beginners and kids.


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Castles are the fortified building used for defense purposes in ancient times by emperors and for saving ammunition as well as ration and many other valuables. Those castles were guarded heavily by gaurds serving for 24 hours will scrutinize access to the building even for special guests. Castles were mainly built by Europeans and Middle Eastern emperors to defend their domains. They were also used to protect nobles and their advisors in a war like situation. Castles originated in 9th and 10th century and innovative architecture of castle is purely a European innovation. These castles played an important role in crusades to protect romans from Muslim army but could not resist at that time. The term castle is derivative of the Latin word castellum which is a miniature of the expression castrum, means “fortified place”. After 18th century, gothic architecture revived by building on scientific principles with more strength and accommodation.

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drawing of a football

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drawing of a football
Try to draw your football like this one

Its very easy to draw a football. Just follow the steps in video and start drawing your self as per describe in the video. You may fail once or twice, but have patience. You will definitely be successful ultimately. You just have a precise grip non pencil to draw wonderful things, nothing else.

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So now have a copy pencil and start drawing as described in video above. Dont give up until you are successful in drawing a beautiful football.

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