How to draw a gorilla standing up easy step by step for beginners

how to draw a gorilla standing up

This video tutorial is about gorilla sketching, which will teach you how you can draw it in standing up position in easy step by step manner for beginners. This sketching just needs a piece of paper and a sharpen pencil.

how to draw a gorilla standing up
Sketch of a standing gorilla

Gorillas are the scariest of the animals I have ever seen. Gorillas are one of the four species of the great apes closely resembled to humans, and have been a part of research regarding so-called evolution theory while the other three of the species are chimpanzees, bonobos and definitely orangutans. Generally, the gorillas are divided into four main categories termed as the eastern lowland gorilla, the western lowland gorilla, the mountain gorilla, and the cross river gorilla. They have those huge arms bigger than their legs enabling them to walk on their four limbs as well as on hind limbs when needed, that drive is called knuckle walking. The males have their own separate name; the fully-grown males are well-known as ‘silverbacks’ due to the unique silver-colored tresses on their vertebral column. We will enable you how to draw a gorilla standing up in an easy and step by step unique process in this video tutorial.

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How to draw a gorilla standing up steps

Gorillas eat everything that is greenish in nature including stems, vines, leaves, roots and fruits. The Eastern lowland gorillas have swiftly weakened in figures to 5,000 at the moment. Unfavorably vanishing species, there are less than 300 Cross River gorillas with the numbers decreasing. Mountain gorillas have reduced to about 700. They are found mostly in central African states of Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Congo, Gabon, Angola and Guiana. Cross River gorillas are limited to a tiny space in some parts of Nigeria and Cameroon.

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They are raised by their parents and they must leave their parents to be on their own after reaching adulthood. They are solitary in nature. They mostly leave their families to start a new life after 3 years of their birth.

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How to draw a dragon easy step by step for beginners

How to draw a dragon

This video tutorial of drawing on paper will teach you about how you can draw an awesome looking dragon in step by step manner. This beginner level guide can easily be followed by any one. Just Pick a pencil and lets start.

How to draw a dragon
Sketch of a dragon

Dragons are the amazing and legendary fictional and mythical creatures keeping certain mythologies in many parts of the world. The word ‘dragon’ comes from a Greek work drakon which means ‘a serpent’. They were believed to be a part of serpentine or reptilian families long ago. There are two types of mythologies about the dragon, one in European literature and other in Chinese traditions and culture. Both are seemed to have been crossed by travellers carrying expeditions along the continents. These myths are spread throughout the Middle East, Europe and some portions of south Asia. We will discuss on how to draw a dragon in step by step method for beginners and kids on a paper with pencil. This video tutorial will give you basic ideas about drawing with a pencil.

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How to draw a dragon steps:

A dragon is a mythological representing of a reptile, but with the passage of time, it evolved having legs resembling a lizard. Nowadays, dragons are thought to be supernatural animals having legs and emit fires from their mouth with a scaly lizard type body, but in many European countries, they are depicted as a winged creatures having bat like feathers.

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This monster was always plotted in fantasy movies and our most favorite TV shows. Recently, their appearance in GAME OF THRONES was absolutely a great piece of art for art lover. We too, as art lovers must fall in love with this monster and show our love by drawing a beautiful sketch for it.

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How to draw a dolphin cartoon easy step by step for beginners

how to draw a cartoon dolphin

This is the video tutorial about how you can draw easily and quickly cartoon like dolphin. The video tutorial is in step by step manner for better understanding of a beginner level learner. 

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how to draw a cartoon dolphin
Sketch of a cartoon dolphin

If you are a dolphin fan, this video is dedicated to you then. Dolphins are in fact, fnny creatures and they do not miss any moment to do funny kind of tricks in a zoo or in open waters to attract humans especially the kids in a zoo. They are harmless and peaceful aquatic species. For their full introduction, they belong to Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordate, Class Mammalia, Order Cetartiodactyla, and Clade Cetancodontamorpha, of Suborder Whippomorpha, and Infra order Cetaceans. You will be able to draw a dolphin cartoon in easy and step by step method. This video tutorial, as we repeat, is for beginners and kids.

How to draw a Cartoon Dolphin

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Talking about some facts, they are highly intelligent found all over the world mainly in continental shelves and shallow sea waters. They are carnivores and feed mainly on small fish and squids, and other marine animals. They have many traces of colors in different regions but mainly, they are poised of a grey color with dark brown and black linings. Like other special creatures such as bats, dolphins too use echolocation to traverse and chase, producing high-pitched sounds to objects, and eavesdropping for the reverberations. They are very friendly; sometimes rise vertically out of the water to view their surroundings and then going to waters. Many scientists believe that a fact that they ride along with many ships is that to preserve their drive by ships. They often show organization in open waters spy-hopping collectively giving great pleasure to a viewer.

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How to draw a dinosaur easy step by step for beginners

how to draw a dinosaur

This is an easy video tutorial for drawing of a dinosaur. This is beginner level sketching tutorial explained in step by step manner. All you’ve to do is to pick a pencil and paper and then start drawing of dinosaur.

how to draw a dinosaur
sketch of a dinosaur

Dinosaurs are nonexistent in this this world but we all knew some stories about them and honestly speaking, may be none of them is true. Those myths about those large creatures may be true but up to some extent because the myths are phenomenal when it comes to dinosaurs’ extinction or their living or size. You will draw a dinosaur in an easy step by step process as this video is made for beginners and kids together keeping in view their picking of knowledge about this art. If you like our ‘HOW TO DRAW’ segment, comment your favorite drawing or the thing you want us to draw for you in our upcoming tutorials.

How to draw a dinosaur steps

Their history dated back some 234 million years ago, and remained as dominant animals for 135 million years from the start of Jurassic till the end of Cretaceous. It is believed by most of the scientists and specialists that Cretaceous–Paleogene destruction event led to the elimination of most dinosaurs. But it is believed now after extensive research on fossils and remains of dinosaurs that their species may be present in the form of birds. There were more than 1000 distinct species of non – avian dinosaurs. Birds, along with dinosaurs are considered to be in clade dinosaurian.

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First fossils of dinosaurs were found in early 19th century. These dinosaurs are favorite among archaeologists due to their enormous size and fantastic body along with their pre-historic nature and those superficial tales associated with dinosaurs. Watch the video below so you could draw your own dino with your pencils for impressing your friends and siblings by your art.

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How to Draw a Cheetah running easy step by step For Beginners

how to draw cheetah running

Grab a paper and pencil and watch video tutorial on how you can draw a cheetah running step by step for beginners guide. This is quite easy method so must give it a try. Cheetah, as we know is one of the fastest animals along with its beautiful skin color and gradient, is mostly loved all around the world and its cuteness is what make cheetah attractive.

how to draw cheetah running
Sketch of a running cheetah

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We will show you how to draw a beautiful cheetah running in some filed or a jungle whatever you may assume it to be in a very easy and step by step method. Note that this is a beginners tutorial and is most suitable for kids and adult learners or you may call ‘new in the field’ so its techniques, tricks and tips are also formulated keeping in view the capacity of beginner minds. Our artists have particularly made this tutorial keeping in mind the most simple and subtle way possible to a learner.

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How to draw running cheetah steps

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Cheetah may run as fast as 110 – 120 Km/h making them the fastest creatures on planet earth terrestrial or oceanic combined. They have this record of a reckless run, with a decent stamina. They are carnivores and usually hunt on deer and other small animals. They have their own class of catching their prey and no animal can match that class on how they set up a plot for a hunt and unlike lioness, work collectively and teamwork always pays off. They group up taunting their prey in a delicate and cunning way, separating it from its herd and then stamina wins the race. They do not win the game always; sometime a small café is intelligent enough to make his way out of cheetah’s wrath.

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How to draw a cartoon fox step by step for beginners

How to draw cartoon fox

Learning tutorial about how to draw a cartoon like fox easily. In step by step method, it will be easy for beginners to sketch for their own purposes. 

How to draw cartoon fox
Sketch of a catoonish FOX

As we all studied in our schools, fox is always depicted as a cunning animal in many stories and chapters of our textbooks. Here are some of the facts for you, well fox belong to dog family and are bigger than cats. They were originally Britain species. Their lifespan is up to 14 years more or less. In Latin, foxes are known to be “Vulpes”. They, too have many species roaming around in every jungle of the world by their close resemblance with dogs and most importantly with wolves. There are more than 48 species of foxes with every color and characteristic. They are nocturnal so they are normally shy to human activities and sunlight. They are usually termed as vixens. Their houses are usually underground buried under the soil. Foxes have whiskers on their heads as well as on their faces. They are good tree climbers and were seen many times climbing tree branches. Their prey includes tiny rodents and mice, found in abundance in country areas. We will show you how to draw a cartoon fox, not a real one in step by step process for beginners and kids.

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There is a load of information about fox that cannot be covered by us now, so we will wind up our topic and will jump to our conclusion. We will practice now a cartoon type not a real version of a fox in our tutorial. It will be a little bit funny but i am sure you can handle it. Watch the video tutorial below and tell us whether you liked the video or not, if you haven’t, please tell us about our shortcomings and wasy to fix them.

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How to draw an elephant head step by step easy for beginners video tutorial

how to draw an elephant head

You wanna learn about how easily you can draw an head of big elephant animal with face. This is step by step tutorial for beginner level artist who want to learn drawing of various things.

how to draw an elephant head
Drawing of elephant head and face

In this tutorial we will guide you through the process of drawing a huge yet easy to draw animal and guess who is it? Well its elephant we will guide you through the process of drawing a huge yet easy to draw animal and guess who is it? Well its elephant we will guide you through the process of drawing a huge yet easy to draw animal and guess who is it? You are going to learn today how to draw an elephant head in an easy step by step process. This video tutorial is for beginners, so it is an easy one for those who are following along with us.

How to draw elephant head and face easy way

Elephants are large mammals mainly consisting of two classes, the African elephants and Asian elephants. Elephants are scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Male African elephants are the largest extant terrestrial animals and can reach a height of 4 m (13 ft) and weigh up to 7,000 kg.

They have a long trunk used for many purposes, particularly breathing, lifting water and grasping objects. Their incisors grow into tusks, which can serve as weapons and as tools for moving objects and digging. Elephants’ large ear flaps help to control their body temperature. Their pillar-like legs can carry their great weight. African elephants have larger ears and concave backs while Asian elephants have smaller ears and convex or level backs. Well this information is enough for you guys so let’s jump to the conclusion that you only have to draw an elephant head and you have to watch the video below for this to happen.

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How to draw an alligator easy step by step for beginners video tutorial

how to draw easy alligator step wise

In today’s posts you are going to learn about how easily you can draw an alligator or crocodile step by step. This is beginner level guide video that can easily be followed and learnt.

An alligator is crocodilian specie and is widely called as crocodile in most part of the world. The two living species are the American alligator and the Chinese alligator. Many of the extinct species were found in fossils.

how to draw easy alligator step wise
Drawing of an alligator

The name ‘alligator’ is derived from the Spanish word which means ‘lizard’ which was changed to alligator with the passage of time. An average alligator weighs about 360 kg and it has average length of 4.4 m or 14 ft as quoted from Wikipedia. Contrary to American alligator, Chinese are smaller and are less in weight as low as 45 kg.

How to draw an alligator easy :

Alligators are only found in America and China. They mostly inhabit in fresh water ponds, lakes, rivers, marshes and swamps. Southern Florida is the only place in world where alligators live side by side with crocodiles. As compared to American ones, the Chinese alligators are in severe danger and are believed to be few dozen left now. They have two type of walking styles called as ‘sprawling’ and ‘high walk’. Sprawling is done when alligators crawl touching their belly to the ground whereas high walk is done when they walk on their feet-like limbs and positioning their belly up from the ground. They also walk merely on their hind limbs but they only cover few meter while doing so.

Jaws are their main weapons for catching their prey having an exceptionally strong grip. You may have seen their show of power and grip on Discover Channel. Like humans, alligators can eat anything from fish to worms. Due to their surroundings, they usually hold an attack on animals and fishes. Due to these qualities, we may call alligator an apex predator. Watch the video below and draw this diagram on your own after watching this video a few times.

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How to draw a giraffe step by step easy video tutorial for beginners

learn how to draw easy giraffe step wise for beginners

Today, we are going to show you how to draw a complete figure of a giraffe in a step by step method. keep your heads up and be ready to start following along. We will also be covering some tips and tricks of how to draw a sketch with a near perfection. Before going to video, we will be discussing some info about what we are going to discuss in this video about the tallest living animal on the planet.

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learn how to draw easy giraffe step wise for beginners
Wonderful pic of giraffe | try to draw like this

Here is video of this animal drawing.

How To draw giraffe:

Giraffe is another wonder of nature which kept humans under deep interest about this giant African specie. Giraffes are normally 5 meters long, tallest of all animals and are found in Greenland and savannah lands in African countries like Nigeria and Chad. These animals are going extinct due to brutal hunting and their living is in danger. They are, in fact funny animals. Their running style in the way they push their hind legs is really funny to many animal researchers. They run at the speed of 55 km/h and are considered good eaters consuming 45 kg of grass and leaves daily.

After watching this step by step video, you will now be able to draw a good blueprint of what was drawn above in the video, so watch this video again and try to draw your own sketch of giraffe without the help of this video tutorial. If you have drawn good enough drawing then you are super to go for another video tutorial. Scroll below or go to our homepage for other hundreds of video tutorials like this one and be ready to become a pencil drawing artist. Share this website with your friends and kids.

How to draw a cat in hat easy step by step video tutorial for beginners

learn to draw easy sketch of cat in the hat for beginner step wise

Well, finally we are here to draw a cat in a beautiful hat. Yes, probably most of you have cats as your pets at your homes so here is a chance for you to draw your kitty’s doodle in a beautiful and handsome way. If you are following along with us lately and have been drawing the portrayals in step by step video tutorials, we have drawn a lot of birds and animals etchings. Now we realized that it is the time to let you know how to draw your own pet’s design, so here is your all time favorite Tommy.

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learn to draw easy sketch of cat in the hat for beginner step wise
sketch of the cat in the hat

Let us share some little facts about cats. Well, cats are fluffy,soft animals everyone wants to pet,raise and feed. It has a sharp set of teeth for killing small prey mainly mice. Cats are very flexible which help them a lot. Cats can hear a faintest of sound and lowest of frequency making them good to go for a mouse hunt. Other than that, they have a high breeding rate and a rate of reproduction is very high as compared to other animals of its kingdom. interestingly, cats are second most popular pets in USA after fresh water fish.

After knowing these awesome facts, you should have been convinced enough to sketch a cat, so follow the video below and you are super to go.

How to draw a cat in the hat:

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