How to draw a dinosaur easy step by step for beginners

how to draw a dinosaur

This is an easy video tutorial for drawing of a dinosaur. This is beginner level sketching tutorial explained in step by step manner. All you’ve to do is to pick a pencil and paper and then start drawing of dinosaur.

how to draw a dinosaur
sketch of a dinosaur

Dinosaurs are nonexistent in this this world but we all knew some stories about them and honestly speaking, may be none of them is true. Those myths about those large creatures may be true but up to some extent because the myths are phenomenal when it comes to dinosaurs’ extinction or their living or size. You will draw a dinosaur in an easy step by step process as this video is made for beginners and kids together keeping in view their picking of knowledge about this art. If you like our ‘HOW TO DRAW’ segment, comment your favorite drawing or the thing you want us to draw for you in our upcoming tutorials.

How to draw a dinosaur steps

Their history dated back some 234 million years ago, and remained as dominant animals for 135 million years from the start of Jurassic till the end of Cretaceous. It is believed by most of the scientists and specialists that Cretaceous–Paleogene destruction event led to the elimination of most dinosaurs. But it is believed now after extensive research on fossils and remains of dinosaurs that their species may be present in the form of birds. There were more than 1000 distinct species of non – avian dinosaurs. Birds, along with dinosaurs are considered to be in clade dinosaurian.

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First fossils of dinosaurs were found in early 19th century. These dinosaurs are favorite among archaeologists due to their enormous size and fantastic body along with their pre-historic nature and those superficial tales associated with dinosaurs. Watch the video below so you could draw your own dino with your pencils for impressing your friends and siblings by your art.

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How to draw cylinder in 3d perspective easy step by step for beginners

How to draw 3d cylinder

In this amazing video tutorial about how to draw a cylinder in 3D perspective in easy way. This is step by step for beginner level guide. Pick pencil and paper and sketch it.

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How to draw 3d cylinder
3D cylinder sketching

Well, you all may know the formula of a cylinder. If you haven’t, its Surface Area= 2 (pi)r(square) + 2 (pi)rh. Well, you all know that a rectangle has 4 sides, but a cylinder only have one. You will be able to draw a cylinder in 3d perspective today in an easy and step by step method made exclusively for beginners. We will tell you about some special and of course extraordinary tricks on drawing a simple 3d shaped cylinder. In 3d drawing tutorials, what we ask for our students in very first class is to draw some cylindrical shaped object to check their skill level before learning anything.

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How to draw 3D cylinder steps

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If you are wondering how to draw a 3d object, well a 3d body consists of 3 parts named as face, edge and a base. Face is a plane side of a 3‐dimensional item, whereas base is one of the two parallel, corresponding margins of an entity while talking about edges that are intersection of two appearances on a compact object. If we talk about other 3d aspects in our drawing, Prism is a solid object with two fitting and equivalent appearances. Watch the video and tell us what’s missing in it and if you liked it, share it on Facebook.

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Tutorial – How to draw 3d heart step by step for beginners video

Learn How to draw a 3d heart step by step

Learn about how to draw 3d heart step by step on paper with pencil easy for beginners video. This sketching tutorial will surely help you a lot in portraying a lovely heart of your choice.

Heart is the central organ in our bodies and without it, we are dead men. We will discuss about our heart today. Firstly to inform you that we will be drawing a 3d heart in a step by step and easy method for beginners and kids equally.

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Learn How to draw a 3d heart step by step
3D Heart Drawing

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These videos are made with simplest methods and you must have a glance at the techniques used by our artists in these videos. We will draw a human heart in 3d format to give more than enough practice for your biology paper as well as your drawing lessons.

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How to draw a 3d heart step by step on paper with pencil easy for beginners video

A human heart lies at the center of the chest slightly down and leaned towards left of the chest. It is a circulatory organ and its main function is to pump and circulate blood throughout the body. A dead heart is a dead human. Human heart is divided into four chambers named as upper left and right atria, lower left and right ventricles. The heart fence is made up of three layers, the inner endocardium, middle myocardium and outer epicardium. These are bordered by a pouch called pericardium. The deepest level of the heart is called the endocardium, while the middle layer of the heart wall is the myocardium. A heart has four valves, all four heart valves lay along the same plane. The valves guarantee blood flow in one direction through the heart and avoid backflow. Moreover the heart is divided as right heart and left heart in scientific terms. Observe carefully and give this lesson a try to get multiple educational as well as artistic benefits.

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Drawing a heart is an interesting practice for you to cope with the relatively difficult tasks as we move further in our course, so be prepared and watch all the tutorials at least two times.

Tutorial – How to draw 3d abc blocks letters easy step by step

How to draw 3d letters

In this video tutorial you will learn that how to draw a 3d abc block letters. This is an easy way and in step by step manner drawing.  We all have encountered in our early lives these abc blocks to learn and memorize English alphabets. These blocks are the most amazing tools for a small child to learn any of the language and it was a tremendous idea by whoever he was to introduce block learning not only to learn alphabets but to memorize different animal and fruits names, so this method is so simple and popular that nowadays, every single school use it as a medium to give practice to nursery and kindergarten children.

How to draw 3d letters
Drawing of 3d letters

This cube learning is a sophisticated method to learn and is still successful. You shall study now how to draw a 3d abc blocks letters in easy and step by step video tutorial keeping in view the beginners and kids mental ability to pick this unfamiliar course.

How to draw ABC Block Letter:

In this tutorial, we will draw in a vintage 3d style. We all know that 3d painting were invented in a renaissance period in the island of sicily and is still booming making its way to a newer way to 3d drawing. We will draw 3d blocks with English alphabets written on them and guide you about this process in a very laid-back approach. So, watch the video below and learn most from it and stay blessed.

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Draw 3d cube illusion with shading easy step by step for beginners video

how to draw 3d cube illusion

How to draw 3d cube illusion with shading side wise. This is easy video tutorial described step by step for beginners and kids artist of sketching.

A cube or cuboid is a three dimensional solid object with six sides or faces each meeting the other two at a vertex. A cube has 12 edges, 6 faces and 8 vertices. If you are a good geometry student, then you must have understood the whole theory explained above. We are going to draw a 3d cube illusion with delicate and soft pencil shading in an easy and step by step video tutorial.

how to draw 3d cube illusion
3d cube sketched

This video, as always is made especially for beginners, rookies and kids who are new to this art of drawing and sketching as we say in all our video tutorials.

How to draw 3d cube illusion

we have nothing much to say about history or introduction of a cube because a cube was drawn and used by the time immemorial by humans and by the advent of 3 dimensional technology in our lives, the importance of a cube is never under estimated. We will be drawing a cube first, giving it some special pencil affects afterwards and then finishing our little project by carefully sketching its shade on our page.
Watch the video below and be careful at the shading part of it as shading requires some special effort and some soft hands. you can add suggestions and as we say majority is authority, we will draw whatever most of the students will ask us to draw. Our team is waiting for your replies and feedback. Watch the tutorial below and keep sharing this video to keep this site free.
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How to draw 3D Hole Step By step on paper tutorial For beginners

how to draw a hole in 3d

In this video you will come to know about some easy tips to draw a hole in 3d dimension. This is an easy guide for beginner level that can be followed step by step and quickly. By following the video it will become easier for you to sketch a hole on paper that will look like a real one as in 3D. All you have to do is to pick up a pencil and paper and then start drawing it. Imagine about a hole and then guess how it should like after drawing, and then make it happen.

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how to draw a hole in 3d
You can draw in 3d like this hole

Watch previous video tutorial on : Drawing of acorn Fruit

Lets start watching the video and then act like this to portray a hole on your own piece of paper.

Learn here Drawing of realistic looking hole:

If you dont liked this one then Here I am presenting you another tutorial for better experience in drawing. You will be happy to see different type of technique used for  hole drawing as seen in feature image above.

How To draw a 3D Hole:

Now After watching the video pick up your pencil and then make a beautiful hole with it.

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How to draw a 3D tree with Pencil Step by step for beginner & kids Video Tutorial

how to draw a tree

Today rock draw is sharing a video tutorial on how to draw a realistic looking tree with roots and branches. This is a step wise tutorial made for beginners and kids, who are newbies in the field of drawing. Thats Why the tutorial is complete in step by step manner.

Trees the source of excellent life demanding oxygen, without which life is impossible. Trees have many parts including leaves and branches and some time fruits as well.

Try to draw tree like this
Try to draw tree like this

Watch Video tutorial and start your drawing according to the steps described for 3D tree. Follow the instructions and try several time, in the end you will come up with how you can draw a tree.

How to draw a tree

Watch the video of drawing and give us feedback for this amazing drawing of a tree.

How to draw Different Dimension shapes like 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D

how to draw Different dimensions including 2d 3d shapes

Drawing dimensions is an art that can be learned very easily. Here is a video tutorial on how to drawing dimensions oriented in different directions as like 2D and others like that. There are a lot of shapes that can be drawn step by step following the video tutorial.

Start your drawing with 2D then try 3D, after getting mastery into this you can try further to have drawing on 4D 5D or even 6D. 

how to draw Different dimensions including 2d 3d shapes
Different dimensions including 2d 3d 4d etc

How to draw Different Dimensions including 3D

Follow the video tutorial and then you will easily be familiar with how to draw 3d dimension or any others like that.

Concept of dimensions:

Concept of dimensions can easily be understand. Just think it like directions. For example 2d in just xy axis and 3d in xyz axis.

How to draw 3d car step by step for kids & beginners easy video Tutorial

how to draw a car

Having a wonderful car is a dream for every one. One not having a car will always crave for just a single vehicle. But a person having a car will wish for a better one. Putting a side, lets today a talk of drawing a car.

In todays video tutorial you will learn in detail about drawing a beautiful car in 3D. This video tutorial will teach you step by step process for drawing a car.  

how to draw a car
Drawing for 3D Car

Drawing is skill that can be excel just by doing it again and again. You may tire while drawing, but in the end your success will lick you. So dont give up as it is very hard to draw. But Rockdraw is sharing awesome video tutorial in step wise method.  Which can easily be followed even by beginners and kids as well, who don’t even know the basics of drawing anything. So have them in detail and be a master of drawing pets, dogs, cats, realistic cars and every thing you wish for.

Watch the video below.

How to draw a car:

We are doing our best to present you tutorial from beginning to advance level that teach to draw in 3D.

How to draw 3D hand & Fingers easy step by step for beginners video tutorial

how to draw hands step by step

Wanna want to know how to sketch your realistic looking anime hands along with some fingers. Then watch here the video about drawing an hand and fingers showing a victory sign. You can follow our tutorial step by step. These learning video tutorials of drawings are especially demonstrated for beginners. So watch them step wise and draw hands with your perspective.

how to draw hands step by step
Another position that can also be drawn easily

Watch below video and start drawing.

How o draw hands:

This is awesome video tutorial for learning how easy it is to draw a hand. Here the fingers are drawn that a v shaped amazing victory sign in it.

Watch here another video tutorial of sketching :

If you want draw in different way, then this video can also help you in that. This video will tell you how to portray a 3D tight fist of hand. After watching, you will have idea about how easy it is to make a creativity.